PS4 Kiosks Spotted in Game

If you can’t wait for Friday to get your hands on the PS¤ or at least get the chance to experience then you may want to get yourself down your local Game store.

According to a number of tweets from Game they have unpacked some PlayStation kiosks unpacked and ready to go. 

Xbox One Matches PS4 1 million Sales in first 24 hours

Xbox one have matched PS4′s 1 million sales in the first 24 hours so it would appear the two are neck and neck.

The giants have both had hardware problems as well but it only accounts for a small percentage.

Microsoft confirmed that sale figured has at least equalled those of their rivals PS4 but Sony have only sold their console in North America and are still yet to sell in the UK which is

Xbox One Snap Allows you to Watch TV and Play a Game at the Same Time

Microsoft have revealed the latest feature to the Xbox One known as ‘Snap’.

‘Snap’ allows you to multitask by bringing up an additional window into your main screen.

In the Video Yusef Mehdi of Microsoft Demonstrates the snap mechanism whilst playing Forza 5 on his main screen. Whilst he is playing the game he uses a voice command that brings up a feed of his xbox live friends on the right hand of the screen.

Marvel and activation announce The Amazing Spider man 2

Marvel and activation have announced that The amazing spider man 2 film will be made into a game and that it will be made available on Xbox one and PS4.

They have also promised that free roaming online game play will be made available.

PS4 Release Date leaked

Following the PS4 E3 conference we were given a lot of information on the PS¤ but one thing they kept quite on was the release date suggesting it would be released late 2013 but Media Markt have not kept their mouth shut and slipped out the release date supposedly it shall be made available on the market on November 13.

Although this is not the official date and it cannot be heavily relied upon we have to think about different continents and there will be different release dates for each one.

It is possible that it could be released as early as October. Also the date could heavily depend on when their rivals Xbox one decide to release their console.

Since the E3 PS4s have been selling really well on Amazon and currently leading the race against their rivals.

Xbox One also made a statement saying that gamers will be able to share games and you don’t have to go on-line everyday in an attempt to get more buyers but from looking at twitter a lot of gamers are saying the damage was already done at E3 and suggesting it’s too little too late.

Xbox one Vs PS4

Following the E3 event where producers get to put their work on show and give gamers a look at what they expect in the near future we look at what the Xbox one and PS¤ had to offer and how they compare.

Xbox one kicked of the competition with their conference and it seemed that the main feel they was going for was a home entertainment console that has a lot more than just games. But they have looked at how to get people’s hand held devices involved which is great because they showed how you could be sitting on a bus and help your friend out on-line by using your handheld device to affect the game which was pretty cool. But one thing that they have added is the game sharing method and have really tried to exploit more money out of gamers by making them  pay a fee if they borrow a game and that really put me off along with paying on-line and lets not forget the price which is a big $499.

The PS4 conference was great because they literally just came out and told everyone why there console was better and picked up on the two flaws Xbox one had which was the game sharing and the price of the console by allowing gamers to swap games and by pricing their console at $399 which is $100 cheaper than the Xbox one. Also the design for the console is much more creative with a slender cool look. Lastly the control pad is also inventive with the touch pad and I really think PS4 have tried to give us an inventive new console.

After the conferences it seems that the majority of gamers were opting for the PS4 which is no shock but it will be interesting to see if Xbox have any tricks up their sleeve in the coming months to sway the gamers onto their side.


We take a look at the Xbox one

Now that we’ve had a good look at the Xbox one we can really start to get an idea of what console we will opt for this year, either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One.

Lets start with the controller now personally I love the PlayStation controller it is just so simple but other people prefer the Xbox because of the location of the analogue but out of the two controller on the PS4 and Xbox One I have to say the PS4 has won simply because they done something different and innovative by adding the touch pad compared to the Xbox one which is practically the same just a few minor differences.

Both companies have confirmed that you won’t be able to play old games on the new consoles for example you can’t play a PS3 game on the PS4 console.

We haven’t seen as much from the PlayStation compared to the Xbox in terms of design but I feel like PlayStation will win because the Xbox is just literally a box no real design to it and following the teaser videos we have seen.

Overall I’m swaying towards PS4 but when they reveal it probably that’s when us gamers will know for sure which console we want to opt for.

EA secure FIFA licensing rights until 2022

EA have thankfully been given FIFA licensing rights until 2022 which is great news for us gamers as we will continue to receive the top quality kits and logo’s and stadiums up until this date in which if FIFA continues the way it’s going they will be sure to extend that.

The licensing rights mean that any future FIFA branded video games will have to fly under the EA banner. Also EA sports hold exclusive rights to release the FIFA World Cup game.

Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President and Head of EA SPORTS said: ”EA Sports released the first FIFA-branded soccer game in 1993, and 20 years later our partnership with FIFA continues to be very strong,

“Our franchise has become the benchmark for quality and innovation in the sports video game genre, and we look forward to many more years of connecting with consumers around the world with our games carrying the prestigious FIFA name.”

Also EA have announced that FIFA 14 is likely to be released on the 4th of October which is a later release date compared to FIFA 13.

New Study finds that computer games can make your brain younger

It was initially thought that by sitting of a screen playing games for hours would be damaging to your brain but now a new study suggest that playing video games can slow down ageing and by playing a game for ten hours can make your mind up to seven years younger.

But researchers said that the benefits only come with their specially made game named Road Tour.

Those that played the game for at least 10 hours gained 3 years of cognitive improvement on average.

Lead author Fredric Wolinsky, professor in the University’s College of Public Health, said: “We not only prevented the decline; we actually sped them up.

“We know that we can stop this decline and actually restore cognitive processing speed to people.

“So, if we know that, shouldn’t we be helping people? It’s fairly easy, and older folks can go get the training game and play it.”

Professor Wolinsky said: “The game starts off with an assessment to determine your current speed of processing. Whatever it is, the training can help you get about 70 per cent faster.”

EA Release First Gameplay Pictures for FIFA 14

In a conference producers released information of some of the features that gamers can look forward to upon the release of FIFA 14.

Firstly we will start of with the new feature known as pure shot in which a player will adjust there stride to ensure that they hit the ball purely and the player will think about the angle in which to approach the shot for example a player performing a finesse shot may want to approach the ball from the side.

Secondly we have a feature known as real ball physics and this will improve the shots in FIFA, for example in FIFA 13 when you take a shot it tends to go straight most of the time but this new feature will allow you to dip and swerve the ball and you will be able to perform the Ronaldo free kick.

Another feature is called protect the ball which allows the player to use their physical strength to shrug players to give them the advantage.

Next we have team mate intelligence which looks at making the team play as a unit and playing for each other.




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